Setting Up a Responsive eCommerce Website

At present, mobility is the way to go. The outburst of smartphones and tablets means that your existing and potential customers are just as liable to be accessing your eCommerce website from their mobile devices as from a customary desktop and laptop.

Is your online store meeting this rising demand for mobile accessibility? Or is it time to re-examine your eCommerce plan to support your mobile users better? In several cases, including responsive design into your web development policies might be the answer as it eradicates the need for a customary eCommerce website and a mobile website.

Before you jump over, it is significant to decide when and if responsive design suits your eCommerce website plans and your customer’s browsing and purchasing behaviours.

As per a latest poll, mobile devices observed a raise in traffic from 22.8% to 37% in 2013. Conversely, desktop’s share of the traffic reduced from 77.3% to 62.9% in the year 2013. Data recommends that while desktop still has the major traffic share, mobile is attaining fame and growing swiftly. If rates carry on as mentioned above, smartphone and tablet traffic is put to outdo desktop by end of this year i.e. 2014. Are you ready for that?

If you are seeking to create a flourishing and lucrative eCommerce website, responsive website design is now mandatory. Without a responsive eCommerce solution, your site will miss out on traffic, and hence sales, from tablet and mobile users.

How Can Responsive eCommerce Websites Boost Revenue?

While some eCommerce firms remain doubtful about responsive eCommerce, many are mainly concerned with how a responsive design will influence the customer experience and website metrics.  The good thing about responsive design is that it dynamically adjusts to different screen sizes employing one set of code. This means that your website’s features, core content and logic do not change, no matter which device it is being viewed on. The presentation of the site may differ based on the screen size; increasing text size and making buttons larger, but a responsive eCommerce solution guarantees a reliable customer experience. There is great news for online merchants. In a latest survey, it was found that extra traffic is coming from mobiles devices all through retail seasons. Smartphone traffic was found to boost during the summer holiday period in August 2013, while tablet usage spiked during December when people are spending more time a home. On the whole, mobile traffic improved by 140% while desktop dropped by -2%.

How Must I Plan My Responsive eCommerce Website?       

Who is it for?

Employing Google Analytics track mobile, desktop and tablet traffic to your site. If mobile and tablet traffic has an elevated bounce rate it is probable that visitors cannot employ your site on their device and have moved to a competitor. Responsive eCommerce will make sure that all consumers find your site user friendly and access, whatever device they are utilising.

How Can I Assess Conversion Success?

Set your objectives to attain by the end of 6 months and keep your highlights on them. If you move your mobile traffic up by a percentage, look for your conversion rate to boost by that percentage.

What Design Decisions Affect Conversion?

You have to keep in mind that space is scarce for mobile users, so make certain that any content you hope to show is precise and helpful. Think about navigation and menus for mobile and tablet users – how will they interact with your site? Ensure that if your website follows CRO best practices for desktop then it is optimized for conversions on mobile too.

At Fortune Innovations Glasgow, we have built our own responsive eCommerce solution employing Bootstrap technology. Intended for mobile up rather than desktop down, our responsive solution guarantees that your website is optimised for the smallest screen first. For more information regarding responsive eCommerce and how it can benefit your business, contact us.

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