Why you Should Use WordPress?

24 May 2013


Glasgow: In today’s era of Internet, blogging has become quite a trend. People are able to share many things, be it reviews and thoughts on the latest gadgets or movies, information on news and current affairs, or even just treating it as an online diary, writing down whatever comes into mind or whatever that person was up to, for all to observe.


WordPress is one of the most accepted blogging tools available and here are 10 reasons as to why bloggers require it for their blogging needs:


It’s free. WordPress is open-source and is free to use. There is no problem for having or maintaining a blog, as you don’t have to pay anything.


It’s easy to get started. It requires only 5 minutes to setup your own blog with WordPress. Moreover, once you spend more time using WordPress, you will be able to make a quality blog easily in a few hours or so.


It’s easy to manage. Most sites need in-depth skill of HTML to edit and create a webpage. WordPress makes it easier to do that by allowing simple changes spread out to the entire blog. This gives you complete control in handling your blog.


It has many themes to choose from. WordPress allows you customize your blog in any way you want by giving you access to different templates. It lets you stylize your blog the way you want it to appear.


It has plugins for functionality. WordPress has many plugins that allows you add things like maps and photo galleries. Besides, you can put in them to your blog without having to change the core of your blog.


It lets you add things on the go. A free app is now obtainable for WordPress that can let you add anything to your blog from anywhere. This takes in pictures taken with Smartphone’s and anything you add using your iPad.


It has automation. WordPress makes it possible to set tasks that can automatically start on a certain time thanks to a time-stamp scheduling system. It makes it possible to achieve things without having to do them yourself.


It has a good community. A lot of people use WordPress as it is easy to use and manage.


People can easily access your site. WordPress is a hit in search engines such as Google because of how popular it is. Because of this, your blog can easily acquire a huge amount of views, making it the perfect blogging tool.


WordPress has very good support. Automattic, the company responsible for WordPress, takes good care of their product. In spite of WordPress being open-source, it is easy to make their blogs safe and protected from anything that can compromise them.


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