Thriving Demand for Mobile Application Development

24 November 2014

Glasgow: The recent mobile devices and apps are changing the way of communication, entertainment, business and news access. Most of the businesses, programmers and consumers have clasped this innovative technology, making mobile app development one of the entailed and fastest growing IT careers. Businesses generally develop mobile apps for various platforms at once, to magnify the market penetration and return on investment.

The mobile market is flourishing at rapid speeds. This growth is filling the increased demand for mobile app developers. As smartphones and tablets have changed the thoughts of people in many different ways, the demand for new and innovative mobile applications is surging day by day.

This swift growth of mobile apps is also building a host of employment opportunities for both freelance and corporate mobile app developers. But while the organizations are ready to spend more on enterprise application development, they are realizing that there’s a severe shortage of skilful developers. This is also threatening their ability to get the applications developed.

The appetite of apps in the enterprise is at peaks; as businesses are recognizing that it’s a mobile-first world where people turn towards apps for increasing customer loyalty, generating revenue and improving efficiency. But the recent research shows that the companies are not able to find an apt enterprise mobile app development talent and are facing mobile backlog.

A recent research of enterprise development managers on application development trends revealed that there is a clear demand for more B2B and B2E apps within organizations and the companies are looking for smarter ways to handle this issue.

Why enterprises are facing the dearth of mobile developers?

  1. In order to deliver an enterprise mobile application, developers must be having the domain knowledge of several enterprise apps, desktop and server operating systems, security and networking protocols, programming languages and also the ability to code all of this into a mobile platform like iOS, Windows, Android or more.
  2. Most of the engineers acquire their tenure in a specific domain. The count of engineers who can haul the enterprise mobile strategy with the requisite skills is very few.
  3. With continuously evolving technologies, devices and platforms, enterprises will either need substantially large engineering teams or ways to consolidate their experiences together.

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