Smartphone Users are Getting Away from Slower Online Retailers

13 January 2015

Glasgow: These days people are in a very fast pace and they want everything to be happened instantly; so is the case of a website. Page loading speed is certainly a crucial factor when it comes to the user experience of a website. But sometimes, we put it aside in order to incorporate nifty functionalities, aesthetic design and also to add more content to the web pages. But the thing is, customer usually gets enticed to the page loading speed and not to the images and graphics what we have added to our websites.

Mobile usage statistics:

  1. According to a research made by Dynatrace, 36% of the smartphone users in UK would give up mobile experience which is very slow and shop somewhere else if the website fails to load within 3 seconds or less. However the patience is less for the people of US as 46% of them would abandon the slow mobile experience. Also 20% of people would abandon the service in France and Germany.
  2. Among 2470 smartphone users who were surveyed in UK, 44% of people shop online using their mobile devices and 31% of people use the combination of online, mobile and in-store. After analysing this statistics we can clearly say that mobile is a premier channel for sales and the customers are not forgiving the poor experience.
  3. Problem in page loading speed would be a huge risk for the retailers during the biggest sales period of the year. So, the physical stores need to have a strong level of commitment and planning. The research also says that, almost 56% of smartphone users in UK would use their mobile devices just to compare the prices in the store or to read product reviews. It’s also been said that 61% of people follow a new trend of show rooming wherein the products are browsed in store and are bought online.  

Mobile and retail coordination:

  1. Developers building shopping apps: Retailers now understand the need to provide slick online services on mobile. Sainsbury is presently trialling and developing a shopping application for mobile devices. It’s been said that the application lets customers create their shopping lists which could be used to navigate through the shop and also to scan the goods when they are placed inside the basket. The app also allows you to pay for goods using your devices; this reduces the checkout queues.
  2. Features of the app: Currently the company is working on the app’s features like navigating through the store, scanning the product, paying through your device, getting a receipt and walking out. Now, the next step is to provide a real and digitised shopping experience to the customer. Once the shopping list is ready, you can use your smartphone in a store to shop the listed items. The item ticks off as you scan and add them to your basket.

Almost 60% of the customers create their shopping list before getting into the store. So basically the companies are not working on the periphery of their business but are digitising the heart of the journey.

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