Bring Users Back to Forgotten Apps through Re-engagement Marketing

28 May 2015

Glasgow: Today, in the mobile first world, brands know the importance of building an app and providing an amazing experience to the users. An app is said to be great if it encourages brand interaction and keeps the customers coming back to it. But what if the users stop coming back to the app? You might have heard about something called App-Nesia. You would have been aware if you were an app publisher. It’s nothing but the users installing the app and forgetting it.

There could be number of reasons for users downloading the app and not using it. The app publishers need to target them and re-engage them with the app. Google recently published a report which sheds some light on app re-engagement. It actually highlighted the research that explored the common phenomenon of downloaded apps being forgotten by users. The research looked on how frequently the users are forgetting the apps installed by them, how interested they are to get engaged with the forgotten apps and how the publishers can attain re-engagement.

The survey included 1200 users and apps spanning on three different categories like restaurants/shopping, holidays and travel. Here are some findings on which the app publishers must take a look:

  • Almost one in five apps on travel, retail and restaurants are forgotten.
  • Apps the users download and the apps they have forgotten serve the same purpose. So the publishers need to remind users about the relevance of their app. They can do it through push notifications or by including search advertising.
  • 47% of the users rush to app when they want any information while just 17% prefer mobile website.
  • 46% of users say that app is faster than a mobile site while 29% say that mobile website would win in terms of loading speed.

Research on the app usage says that it’s possible to redirect users to already installed app when they try searching for a similar app. So the publishers need to develop a retargeting strategy to bring those lost applications back.

The reasons for people downloading apps differ for different categories. For example, they download restaurant apps because of some exciting rewards or discounts whereas the travel apps are downloaded because of the recommendation. The most common driver for users getting back to pre-installed apps is talking to friends or family about the app they use.

So the app publishers must consider developing a re-engagement strategy and provide users with timely reminders.  Push notification is the one common technique to remind people about the forgotten applications.  Linking search ads to the relevant pages is one more terrific option. Though this is not used much, it can definitely be helpful to bring the users back to a pre-installed app.

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