Apple Watch to Have Its First Medical Application!

2 March 2015

We all know that the Apple Watch which is set to be launched in April will feature some apps for maintaining physical fitness. But the latest news is that it might also come up with a medical application as well. A recent report on Apple Watch says that, the watch is going to have an application which continuously monitors your glucose level or CGM. It displays the real time glucose level along with a graph.

Though Apple has not confirmed any third-party applications for its smart watch officially, the report says that the app will be launched when the Apple Watch will be released. We have to appreciate the regulatory changes, that the app doesn’t need any approval form FDA. But still the developers have to follow the rules and regulations of the agencies with regard to medical devices.

Certain questions are left unanswered!

However, the news in the report leaves many important questions unanswered. It’s pretty unclear. “How the watch will be able to pull the data of our glucose level?” “Will it have to be paired with an iPhone application through which it extracts the data?” The main question is that “How such applications would simplify our life?” The app is mainly focused on the “type 1” diabetic patients who will have to monitor their glucose levels to adjust their insulin dosage.

How the system works?

The glucose monitoring system comprises a sensor attached with a fine needle and a handheld monitor. The diabetic patients need to attach the sensor to the body and the sensor records the glucose readings under the skin and transmits the data to the monitor. For certain reasons, the patients using CGM system will have to carry conventional glucose monitors that take readings from a small drop of blood. Few people also have insulin pumps attached to their body which automatically delivers medication without the need of any syringes.

FDA approved CGM system

We can say that the type1 diabetics are already ornamented with several devices; this new application would add up as one more ornament on them. Last month, a report on Apple Watch said that, the CGM system which transmits the data from CGM monitor to other devices has now been approved by FDA. This could be a sign that there would be a daisy chain of devices and wireless connections in future.

For example, now the connection has been started with CGM sensor to CGM monitor and then to iPhone, and later to a watch. So there’s no doubt that there will be several similar connections in future. But the things might get complicated as the connections increase. So the users also have to troubleshoot the problem if something goes wrong.

Still more to come!

It’s just a start and there are several more applications to come on Apple Watch. No wonder even if the medical innovations like this sets a trend in future. So don’t be surprised to see some similar health related applications making their way to the world of wearables.

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