9 Hot Mobile Development Trends for 2014

8 July 2014

Glasgow: Mobile app development in Glasgow has erupted over the past few years, and it’s no wonder that 2014 looks to be even bigger year for it. Superior tools, superior technology, more developers, and improved ideas, are adding to the quick growth in the industry.

Here are 9 hot mobile development trends to keep an eye on.

1. The Visual Improvements of the Web

Now that 4K and Retina screens are propagating across the globe, mobile users in Glasgow are becoming insightful when it comes to mobile websites and apps. In an attempt to balance, mobile developers are adding in smooth transitions for functions such as refreshing a page , opening a drop down, clicking a link on the home bar, and succeeding through a slideshow. Specially when it comes to mobile websites, the evolution for browsing and interaction is getting special notice. In 2014, mobile websites increasingly resemble mobile apps.

2. New Competitors for Mobile OS

In 2014, feature phones have phased out. On account of improvement in operating systems from Mozilla, ex- engineers from Nokia, and others, basic feature phones will be restored by economical phones with fully functional OSes and apps. Mozilla’s mobile Firefox OS is intended for budding markets where many people cannot pay for high-end smartphones. Ex- engineers from Nokia went ahead and created their own smartphone, the Jolla, which runs a proprietary OS called Sailfish. There is also a mobile Ubuntu OS. In 2014, there is a growth of choices when it comes to OS types for mobile.

3. Apple Puts a Standard for Mobile Processors

Along with the release of the iPhone 5S, came the A7 chip that possesses a 64-bit processor. Marked as a novel standard when it comes to mobile processors, the A7 chip jump-starts performance abilities in the mobile hardware industry well beyond Apple’s smartphones. Electronics giant Samsung and prominent chip maker Qualcomm has included comparable chips in their 2014 product lines. From a mobile development viewpoint in Glasgow, the chip will consider increased performance in terms of memory for mobile apps and graphics.

4. Determining Fitness Beyond a Bracelet

Technology that powers FitBit and other tracking hardware has come to many smartphones in 2014. Though much of the abilities are by now possible through a smartphone, innovations in the way coprocessors work will lessen energy utilization, enabling the tracker to work while a device is inactive. Initiated by the MotoX and its modern X8 co-processor, spatial sensitivity has come to many smartphones in 2014.

5. Watching How You Shop

The iBeacon is a kind of Bluetooth sensor embedded within the iPhone 5S, with better range and connectivity. Apple is employing the iBeacon within its Apple Stores to judge layouts and customer behavior through the tracking of iPhone signals. Services and products for other smartphones are also present that allow for similar functionality. Basically, brick-and-mortar stores are engaged in in-store tracking that imitates the capabilities of online marketing tactics in Glasgow.

6. Windows Makes Its Mark on Mobile

Unexpectedly one of the leading trends in mobile development in Glasgow, and throughout the web, came from Microsoft. With the release of Windows Phone and Windows 8 and the inclusion of flat design and big technology firms like Google and Apple quickly pursued suit. Apple’s revised iOS7 includes flat design all through the operating system as well as its proprietary apps. Flat design approach is appearing on popular news, corporate websites, popular mobile apps and web design in general.

7. Bridging the Second Screen

A latest study revealed that 88% of US customers employ mobile as a second screen while watching TV. In an era when switching between devices is usual, mobile developers and brands are starting 2 capitalize. Marketers likely bridge gaps to interact with smart TVs and other TV-embedded hardware. It has by now started with Xbox One and the SmartGlass app, which acts as a mesmeric hub for music, games and movies. Twitter is also leading the charge with a wide NFL partnership. The social media giant will be essential to promoting TV drives on mobile for the NFL subsequent year. In 2014, we are seeing a prominent rise in apps that offer immersive and second screen experiences in Glasgow.

8. A Remote for the Internet of Things

Google’s acquisition of smart home appliance maker Nest for $3 billion is a vital step forward for the Internet of Things. Analysts and thought leaders in IBM, Google have added to serious hype regarding embedded sensors, smart cities and the idea of connected objects. In 2013, Nest announced a smart smoke detector that is entirely controlled via smartphone. Samsung has also announced a Wi-Fi equipped washing machine. All these applications have risen in popularity as sensors become inexpensive and brands begin to experiment.

9. Exchanging Passwords for Fingerprints

Apple again set another standard in the mobile space with the iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor. Heralded by analysts as a possible succession beyond the password, it obtained considerable marketing buzz and optimistic reception from customers. Apple’s contenders have already incorporated fingerprint or similar biometric functionality in devices since the beginning of 2014.

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