5 Efficient Ways the SEOs and UX Experts Can Employ to Improve Web Development

23 January 2015

Glasgow: SEO is seeing a positive change and has improved a lot from the past few years. No matter whatever your title is; whether an SEO, web designer or a technical architect, you must know that search engine optimization is a basic chunk of a healthy website. Though user experience is seen as an intrinsic part of a website, many development teams take SEO as an afterthought at the end of the project. Optimizing a website through a comprehensive approach is the key for a successful web development project.

So instead of taking up SEO later, it could be taken as the forethought along with the designing process. Below mentioned are a few ways that the SEOs and UX experts can employ to improve web development.

  1. Collaborate with each other: Before starting up with the development, it’s very important for SEO and UX experts to collaborate with each other. Sometimes, there might arise some friction between both; but a healthy team can turn that friction into a cause for improving the development. So understanding between both, plays a very important role, so that they can discuss on any conflicts and come to a conclusion which helps in the betterment of web development.  
  2. Establish unified site goals: Though different perspectives would help sometimes, unified goals yield better results. Right from keyword research to user flows, the decisions should always be alike. You should not decide anything on a hunch as unified goals will have more weight and it definitely improves your website.
  3. Don’t build content blindly: Before creating the content, you should have a minimum idea about the design. Be aware of the site architecture, content length, pages to be created and so on. Opt for an ideal method for developing content for a web project. This would certainly make the site look much better.
  4. Involve in content structure: It’s not that only an SEO expert has to take care of the content completely. A UX expert can also share his views about the content so that he would get an idea on the site layout. Even a very good content will get lost between the pages if it is not supported with the design elements and proper space usage. Combined efforts of an SEO and user experience expert will enrich the website for sure.
  5. Prepare to iterate: After the launch of a website, the UX and SEO experts should check out whether the site is helping out real-life users and they also have to evaluate the performance of the site and make some iterative site changes which optimize user experience.

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