4 Important Tips on Presenting Web Design Solutions to the Clients

All the web designers will have to face a situation where they need to make the clients accept that their design is perfect. When you already have a project, the clients have already picked you for a job; all you need to do is to convince them by providing them an ideal design that meets their requirements. You need to ensure the clients that their interests on designs are served.

Below are a few rules you can follow to convince the clients with your design.

#1. Make Sure Everybody Is Involved From The Start

Whenever you present a design to the client, it’s very rare that they accept your design without any changes being made. Of course, you need to welcome their ideas and concerns about the design, but you also have to make sure that they are involved from the beginning of the project as the people who are not the stakeholders will not be able to hold up the project. Clients will have to show the designs to IT professional, marketers, CEO, etc. and they might have something to tell about the design. But make sure that everybody sees your work before they could come up with an idea.

#2. Present Face-To-Face

There’s no better way to explain your design to the client than presenting it face to face.  You can explain every minute details of your design to the client effectively which you can’t do by just sending an email. If you just send an email, the clients will have no idea about why and how you have designed something; this can put you on the defensive side. Avoid getting defensive by arranging a meeting with the client to present your design face to face.

#3. Saying NO Sounds Very Negative

If you don’t get a chance to present your design face to face, you will end up being put on the defensive side where you will have to say “NO” a lot of times. As “NO” itself is a kind of negative word, it could have a negative impact on the project. It makes the client feel that you are unwilling to take up their suggestions. It’s their project and they certainly wish to be a part of it to make the product better. Instead of a clear rejection, you can consider their suggestion and explain them why it may not work and how else can you help them to sort out the issue.

#4. Be Very Clear With Your Points

If you fail to present your design properly, you must be ready to do certain things that you think is wrong. The client with all the stakeholders will have discussed the design for two weeks and they probably will have lots of suggestions to share with you. This is the point where you get pages of revisions on your design or even worse, an outright rejection.    

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